About Us

Hello! We are the Pair Family. A family of five living right outside of Birmingham, Alabama breeding medium and standard, authentic Australian Labradoodles.

We first discovered the Australian Labradoodle breed in 2020 on the recommendation of our occupational therapist when we were looking for a little extra support for one of our daughters with sensory processing needs. After learning about their high intelligence, low allergen, low odor, fun, snuggly, loyal, and highly empathetic natures, we knew these were the dogs for us.

We brought our sweet Penny home from Texas in November of 2021 and have been working with other breeders and hitting the books again in order to build a breeding program that will serve families in our area and beyond.

Our family loves our sweet “doods,” as the girls call them, and we are excited to serve our community by bringing intentionally and responsibly bred puppies to families like yours.  When we are not petting/snuggling/training/playing with cute puppies and doods, you may find us tending the garden, checking for eggs from our backyard flock, hiking, visiting one of our many local libraries, and hanging out with friends.