Meet Our Dogs

 We absolutely adore Australian Labradoodles because of their loving, goofy, and loyal personalities, their hypoallergenic coats, and their incredible intelligence and temperament. All of our dogs are health and temperament tested to produce the best quality puppies for your family.

OUR Girls

Sweet Labradoodle’s Penelope”Penny”

Meet our girl, Penny! She’s the original, our sweet mama girl before she was ever a mama. Penny is a natural born nurturer, snuggler, and comforter. Our girls call her “Nana” (like the dog from Peter Pan) because she is always going to whoever is upset and sitting close or checking on them.

Her mama is an extremely sweet diabetic alert service dog and you can see so much of her personality shining through our Penny💓

We joke that Penny has high drive but her drives are her people and her tennis ball; as long as she can be with her people and has a ball somewhere nearby, she will be fine.

As is consistent with the Australian Labradoodle breed, Penny has just the right combination of chill, goofball energy, and intelligence, making her easy to train, fun to play with, and a delight to be around.

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Sire: Cedar Bend Mr. Mustache “Hero”
Dam: Schafer Meadows “Flora”
DOB: 9/14/2021
Color: parti
Hair coat: soft, curly fleece (non-shedding)
Weight: 30lbs
DNA Profile: Incoming
OFA hips/elbows: good/negative
OFA patella: pass
OFA eyes: normal
OFA cardiac: normal

Royal Diamond’s Goldberry “Bree”

There is a reason we call this girl “Bree baby!” She is pure sugar from her golden eyes, mile-long eyelashes, silky, gold-tipped, caramel coat, and goofy personality

When we first got Bree she always wanted to be held and when she got big enough, would stand up and try to “hold you” by putting her paws on either sides of your hips

Adorable, but also something we have since trained her to do only on command because Bree is a big baby and has the potential, if untrained, to bowl someone over with her enthusiasm. She is babied by everyone, including our baby, who likes to greet her full-grown “puppy” with “Hey Bwee baby!” whenever she sees her

This girl’s temperament is sweetness through and through, goofy, playful, but has also proven to be extremely responsive to training. We love our golden girl



Meet our main dude, Ranger! He is our gentle, calm, steady buddy who is also always down for a race around the yard

Nothing ruffles Ranger and he is gentle with our other dogs, our girls, and even our chickens Ranger just loves to be where you are, and will come hunt you down just so he can sit beside you.

One of our favorite things that he does, once he has found you, and he’s just calmly sitting beside you, is that he will then pick his paw up and rest it on your knee. He’s not asking for anything, it always seems like he just wants to be sure of you and to let you know that he’s there.

It also doesn’t hurt that with his golden eyes and silky, soft, curly, brown coat, he’s a total dreamboat in the looks and temperament department  We love our Ranger!

OUR Mascot


Meet Conagher, the Westie with a wild west spirit and a bark as big as his bite! This furry little gunslinger is the mascot for our business, and he’s not afraid to take on any challenge with his fearless attitude. He is 13 year’s old and was our first pet.

Named after the Louie Lamour character, Conagher has a rugged and adventurous spirit that matches his namesake. Whether he’s chasing after squirrels or guarding the home from intruders (squirrels and cats), he is always on the lookout for action.

When he’s not busy keeping our house and yard squirrel free, Conagher loves to nap in a sunbeam and tell the doodles about his days in the old west. Don’t let his laid-back demeanor fool you – he’s always ready to pull a pistol at a moment’s notice.

With his fluffy white fur and adorable little beard, Conagher is the perfect Westie ambassador for our business. He’s loyal, friendly, and always up for a good time.