Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Australian Labradoodle?

An Australian Labradoodle is a breed that originated in Australia in the 1980s and was specifically developed to fill an emerging need for service dogs for people with pet allergies. To fill the need for low-allergen dogs with the proper temperaments for service and therapy work, the original breeders spent years breeding for low-shed, low-allergen coats and smart, people-oriented, calm temperaments. The breed was also infused with Irish Water Spaniel and American and English Cocker Spaniels for further temperament development a few years into the project. Despite the name, this breed does not contain any Australian Shepherd; rather, the “Australian” in its name references the country of origin. The breed has been fixed since the 1980s and continues to be improved by responsible and enthusiastic breeders around the globe. Out of a love for this breed and a desire to make this amazing dog more accessible for more families throughout the US, we have invested in thoughtfully acquired dogs in our breeding program who exemplify the best this breed has to offer. It can trace their lineage back to the original bloodlines developed in Australia over thirty years ago. 

how much are your puppies?
Price is $2,900 (plus Alabama sales tax of 4%) regardless of sex, color, markings, etc.

What is included in this price? 

  • Puppy is raised following the Empowered Breeder Advanced Puppy curriculum and the acclaimed Puppy Culture curriculum
  • An introduction to the concept of a specific potty area and an introduction to crate training
  • Temperament evaluation conducted, and temperament scorecard provided to each family
  • Microchipped
  • Appropriate deworming
  • First round of shots following Dr. Jean Dodd’s vaccine protocol
  • A clean bill of health from our veterinarian
  • Two-year genetic health guarantee
  • A going-home bag including:
      • a sample of the food the puppies are currently on
      • a blanket with the scent of mom and litter-mates
      • custom-made bandana
      • one soft toy
      • poop bags
      • health records
      • At-home grooming guide
      • Printouts of breeder info on how to continue with desensitization, socialization, and training, tips on adjusting to life with a new puppy, and more!
      • Lifetime breeder support
What is the process?

All of our puppies are, as previously stated, $2,900 (total) on a spay/neuter/non breeding (a vasectomy or ovary sparing spay are acceptable and encouraged) contract. Our reservation fee is a non-refundable $500 which will hold a spot on the litter of your choice. We accept 5-6 deposits on each litter prior to being born and will start a waitlist for any additional puppies after they’re born. If there is space in the waitlist, or a litter isn’t fully reserved in advance, applicants will be added to the litter on a first come, first serve basis based on when they submit their application and deposit. Full payment is due by 6 weeks of age, but never any later than three business days prior to puppy pick up. We cannot hold spaces or puppies without a deposit.

How do you do puppy selection?

We match puppies based on temperament first and foremost. We will take your preferences into consideration (size, color, gender) but cannot guarantee we will have your exact match every time. I would never want to place the most rowdy puppy in the litter with a family that wants to do therapy work, or a more reserved puppy with a family that wants a running companion. Personality is very important… so as much as you have preferences, we can work together to find the best match for your family. If for some reason I don’t think one is a good match, I am happy to transfer your deposit onto the next available litter. We put as much time and consideration for the first family on our lists as we do the last family. Nobody “ends up” with the last puppy.

How do you raise your puppies?

We raise our puppies with the Puppy Culture program (click HERE to read more about Puppy Culture,) primarily but also used the Empowered Breeder curriculum. This process starts at 3 days old with Early Neurological Stimulation/Early Scent Introduction and the program continues for the entire 8 weeks the puppies are with us. Puppy Culture includes crate introduction, the beginnings of potty training, noise, and touch desensitization, and many other confidence builders. We keep our puppies with the litter and their mom until 8 weeks. This ensures proper socialization and good temperament and keeps the puppy feeling safe through critical fear periods. Our puppies start going potty on real grass around 5 weeks of age, and by 7 weeks of age, puppies are going outside at least 3 times a day. By 8 weeks old, puppies go outside every 2 hours and have been introduced to crates. We find that puppies at this age rarely have potty accidents when kept on a strict schedule. Puppies know that outside = potty. We introduce a leash at 8 weeks old and teach the puppy that they have to sit politely for attention. None of these skills are performed perfectly by our puppies at this age, as that would not be developmentally achievable for this age, but we are laying a training foundation. We aim to send you home with a well-rounded, happy, and confident puppy ready to continue learning with his or her family.

Should I Expect a "Perfect" Puppy?

I am sure you already know the answer to this question, but no! Puppies are puppies. They will still get into mischief, nibble on hands, potty on the floor, and test boundaries. I do everything I can to give them the best start and a solid foundation but your training, time, and commitment is needed to grow your dog into what you want. All of our training and direction are tools to help you raise the best dog you can. We highly recommend group puppy classes, beginner classes, and advanced classes. Finding a balanced dog trainer in your area will help continue the training we have already started.

What Australian Labradoodle sizes do you breed?

Here at Oak Leaf Labradoodles, we breed medium and standard sized Australian Labradoodles.


Height: 17 to 20 inches from the wither
Weight: 30 to 40 Lbs
Medium Australian Labradoodles are slightly larger than miniatures and can weigh up to forty pounds. For families with limited space in their home, a smaller yard property, or just looking for a smaller option, a Medium Australian Labradoodle can be the sweet spot. Mediums are still small enough to be lap dogs but big enough to have a good game of tug of war or to accompany you on your morning jog.


Height: 21 to 24 inches from the wither
Weight: 45 to 65 Lbs
Standard Australian Labradoodles are the largest size available. At 22-24 inches from the wither and up to 65 pounds in weight, these pups bring the happy, huggable breed to the big dog table. Standards can be ideal for active people with more space, as they make good running partners and love to play. They are also an ideal size for therapy and service work and still manage to be champion snugglers.